The ride from Swaroopgang to Udaipur and then a day trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort. I managed to find some more weed here and it was some of the best ganja I had in India.

Leaving Mount Abu

This has to be one of the best rides of my life. The sun was out for my descent of Mount Abu and I had my Guru mate’s place to pop in to 5 minutes in to my journey, to make sure I was as stoned as possible!

Mount Abu Descent

On the same day as I’d met my Guru and got high with him in his Temple I descended from the summit of Mount Abu during a lightening storm. I’m not usually afraid of being struck by lightening but when I’m up a mountain in an electrical storm wearing an electrical device on top of…

Ahmedabad North

In one day of riding out of Ahmedabad I saw two camels, three decorative roundabouts and a chameleon. Of course I offered the chameleon some cannabis.  

Surat to Ahmedabad

India gets drier and dustier as I move further into the state of Gujarat. Thankfully there’s no dryness in my weed supply, but I’m starting to get low. Amber warning light is showing.