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I wrote in my journal of this day that it was the best day’s riding of my life. Loads of hashish, increasingly stunning mountains and my first view of a white tipped 8,000 metre peak. Oh an momos. Loads of momos.

Tansen to Pokhara


Some stunning views as the hills began to more closely resemble mountains. Such a nice day’s ride I had to split the video into two.

Butwāl to Tansen Pt 2


After a week or so of trial and error I perfect my hashish vaping technique and get caught in some traffic on the narrowing hill roads.

Butwāl to Tansen


The approach to Butwāl, the beginning of the mountains. Hashish.

Lamahi to Butwāl


Working my way closer to the mountains, chugging on delicious Nepalese Hashish. Exquisite cannabis adventures.

Kohalpur to Lamahi


I stumble on an enchanting holiday celebration, I think something to do with Bhaitika but if anyone knows please comment. I am welcomed in and treated to incredible Nepali hospitality.

Chisapani to Kohapur


I am Roger Boyd.

10/04/2018 2 Comments

I’m trying to make a contribution to the international campaign to normalise cannabis use, this is part of that. I’m currently working full time, working towards my next adventure. I use a pseudonym and don’t video my face because I have a job and am worried about the implications. However I do want this to be my life and if it was then of course I’d use my real name and put my face on here.

My plan is simple: to at some point start to receive an income from the blog so I can support myself whilst I’m on healthy stoner adventures so I can sustainably continue spreading the good news about cannabis like some kind of bike riding stoner Evangelist on a Mission to challenge outdated ideas about cannabis and to help convert people from smoking to vaping. Believe it or not I am trying to be an anti-smoking campaigner because I know how much of a difference quitting smoking made to my health.

I want people to face up to what I believe to be the truth, that it is possible and indeed likely to be a healthy stoner, a professional stoner, a successful stoner. All the stoners I know are healthy, happy and have their sh1t together. Cannabis is immeasurably less harmful than the DRUG we refuse to call a DRUG, alcohol. If we start by accepting that our alcohol addiction and tobacco habit does more harm than all the other substances combined, legal or not, we might start to move forward.

Roger Boyd

The first day proper of my cannabis adventure through Nepal. Hash toast for breakfast. Saying hi to the Feds and chatting to a guy who told me he’d seen tigers.

Bhimdatta to Chisapani


I think there should be more knitting at border checkpoints. I find some excellent hashish and watch in dismay as the US Election results come in. My cannabis adventure continues in Nepal.


India Nepal Border


With a new wheel and wider off road tyres not to mention two new dry herb vaporisers I left Delhi heading for the Nepalese boarder. I found some of the most hectic roads I encountered on my Indian cannabis adventure, watch with the sound up!

Delhi East