The Perception of a “Stoner”

Say the word “Stoner”. Say it with me. It isn’t a positive word, is it? The word seems to invoke an image of a fat guy sat at home in a dark room playing video games through a thick haze while eating cheesy puffs, wheezing and smoking away on something or other.

This is the classic stereotype of a stoner but it’s not one I agree with or conform to. With modern vaporisation you can get as high as you like without damaging your lungs or drinking down the pints of tar that anyone who smokes is forced to consume. And you get MORE BAKED!!

It is my mission to change people’s perception of what a stoner is. I am a fit, healthy and very active stoner and the content I’ll be posting on this site will aim to challenge those old, tired ‘stoner’ stereotypes.


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