Chisapani to Kohapur

I stumble on an enchanting holiday celebration, I think something to do with Bhaitika but if anyone knows please comment. I am welcomed in and treated to incredible Nepali hospitality.

Bhimdatta to Chisapani

The first day proper of my cannabis adventure through Nepal. Hash toast for breakfast. Saying hi to the Feds and chatting to a guy who told me he’d seen tigers.

India Nepal Border

I think there should be more knitting at border checkpoints. I find some excellent hashish and watch in dismay as the US Election results come in. My cannabis adventure continues in Nepal.  

Delhi East

With a new wheel and wider off road tyres not to mention two new dry herb vaporisers I left Delhi heading for the Nepalese boarder. I found some of the most hectic roads I encountered on my Indian cannabis adventure, watch with the sound up!


Vaping cannabis as I ride in to Delhi, the air thick with pollution.  Whilst I’m there I pick up a new wheel posted out from the UK so the adventure can continue!